Checkstyle compatibility on the Plugin Version Matrix is wrong

(Björn Kautler) #1 states since recently that Checkstyle plugin 4.17 is compatible with SQ 7.6, but this is not the case. Also here the RulesProfile problem as can be followed at and

(G Ann Campbell) #2


Thanks very much for this report and the supporting links. I’ve corrected the compatibility.


(Björn Kautler) #3

Are you sure it is not compatible with 7.5? states that analysis with 7.5 was successful and that commit is the one which also added 7.4 and 7.3 compatibililty.

(G Ann Campbell) #4


At this point I’m not sure of anything & am feeling a bit gun shy (and irritated). All I know for certain is that the plugin maintainers in the thread you cited say they test against 7.4. Honestly, I feel I’m being a bit generous to list compatibility that far, since the last compatibility statement I had from plugin authors was “6.7+” which was obviously inaccurate, and before that a community report that the previous version wasn’t compatible with 7.3+.


(Björn Kautler) #5

I’m in the process of updating to 7.5 after I reverted the update to 7.6 as checkstyle and pmd are not yet 7.6 compatible.
I’ll report back when I successfully finished an analysis with 7.5 or not if you want. :slight_smile:

(G Ann Campbell) #6

If you like. :slight_smile:

(Björn Kautler) #7

Yes, checkstyle plugin 4.17 seems to work fine with 7.5

(G Ann Campbell) #8

I’ve expanded the compatibility range to 7.5.