[NEW PLUGIN] publish sonar-devon4j-plugin to marketplace?

Hi again,

We from devonfw would love to get our sonar-devon4j-plugin into the SonarQube market place.
There was already a discussion about this here:

As the thread was archived and the plugin had been renamed from sonar-devon-plugin to sonar-devon4j-plugin (see Rename to sonar-devon4j-plugin · Issue #26 · devonfw/sonar-devon4j-plugin · GitHub, name will be stable from now on) I wanted to open this thread to give an update and ask for further proceedings.

For the feedback we got so far we had opened this issue:

We have resolved most of the things and have just created a new release containing these fixes.
The remainig open issues that we are already working on are:

Will those issues block our plan to go to marketplace, or will this be possible already?
Is there other feedback for us that we should consider?

p.s.: If you are missing a CONTRIBUTING file in the repo itself: We found a cool new github feature to add this as default to the entire github org. So all is already there: Community · GitHub (in case you do not know that github feature, you might also want to use it for sonarsource - also our asciidoc documentation approach and automatic wiki synchronization might be interesting for other large OSS github orgs like sonarsource. I am happy to share experience.)

Thanks and kind regards

Hi Jorg,

Wow, you’ve been really patient on this! At a guess, you responded to the old thread just before or as I was leaving for the holidays last year and I missed it in the flood when I came back.

Looking back over this I see 3 things:

  • Changelog - I’ve found the changelog document in your repo and used it to get to the list of issues in the latest release. At the same time, as a user the first place I look is in your GH project Releases tab, which is pretty bare. Could you update the description of at least the latest release with a link to the Issues Milestone and to the download? As a user that gives me all the data I need where I’m expecting to find it

  • SonarCloud analysis - I’m not finding in this thread or the old one a link to your analysis on sonarcloud.io. If that’s already set up, could you provide the link? If it’s not, could you set it up and provide the link? BTW, ideally SonarCloud analysis will run after each commit.

  • Pull request - the process has changed a little since December (:flushed:). As described in the docs I need you to submit a PR on the metadata repo


Hi Ann,
thanks for your feedback.

BTW: I will stepwise adopt SonarCloud for all maven/java repos of devonfw. Is it even possible to get our own plugins and additional rules into this analysis?


Hi Jorg,

(Is Joerg the correct non-umlaut spelling?)

  • Thanks for the update of your releases!
  • I’m glad you like SonarCloud. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to run your own plugins there. And yes, I see the irony. They guy maintaining the … Cobertura? plugin had to add JaCoCo test reports to get his coverage to show up on SonarCloud. :roll_eyes:
  • I take your 3rd bullet point to mean that adding this to the marketplace is on hold on your side until… your next release?


Hi Ann,
thanks for your response. All fine and correct. For inspecting our code with our own plugin we have a separate SonarQube instance so no bid deal. Still having SonarCloud available as service to integrate into github is a very valuable feature that we love to use more for devonfw.

For the 3rd point: Yes, correct but this time it wont take ages and we are planning to have all in place within this year (I guess in November).


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Hi Ann,

I’m currently working on this plugin with Jörg and facing some issues regarding new PRs on GitHub. Our Travis CI check won’t run through because it says that I am not authorized to run analysis on the project. The full command is
mvn clean org.jacoco:jacoco-maven-plugin:prepare-agent install sonar:sonar -Dsonar.projectKey=devonfw_sonar-devon4j-plugin -Dsonar.host.url=https://sonarcloud.io
It seems strange that I would not be authorized as the sonar-devon4j-plugin is listed as public on sonarcloud…

Do you know anything about this error?

Thanks a lot in advance and greetings

Hi Lmar,

Could you open a new SonarCloud thread for this?