New code with zero coverage passed Quality Gate

As you can see on the attached screenshot, new code with zero coverage passed QualityGate.
Should I fill a bug report or there is some configuration issue I missed?


Hi Vitaly,

when there are less than 20 lines of code changed, the quality gate does not apply the conditions about coverage or duplications.

This explanation is given on the home page of a project, for instance:

However, it looks like we forgot to also show this message on pull requests. I’ve created the following ticket to fix this: SONAR-12138.

Thanks for reporting this!

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Thank you, Vitaly

I’m having the same issue inside my projects. What should I do? Is there a way I can make a new support ticket

Please read Fabrice’s answer. If it’s your case (i.e. less 20 lines new code) it’s by design.