New Code Smells introduced overnight, but not found in new code period

  • ALM used: Bitbucket Cloud
  • CI system used: Bitbucket Cloud
  • Languages: HTML, CSS, Typescript
  • Error observed: As of today, we have new code smells, but cannot see them in the new code period of 30 days. We are not able to find what code smells were introduced because of this.
  • Steps to reproduce: Unsure at this stage. Will update if we find out how this happened.
  • Potential workaround: Update Quality Gate to allow for 2 new code smells.

If you are experiencing/have experienced this in the past, please let me know what worked for you. Our repo is private so we are not able to share this.

Is it still the same release of the language scanner? If the scanner on SonarCloud was updated, you will get the new version with your next build. And the rules may change (on SonarWay profile) with an update.

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It appears to be the same version. Where is this information displayed so I can be certain I am looking at the right place? We are also using a custom ruleset profile, so it’s not SonarWay.