New code period feature in sonarqube 5.6.7

Hello ,

we have to use the feature “New code period” for coverage.

The requirement is , we need to find the code coverage only for 1 month for newly added code.
we observed sonar 8.2 has a feature “on new code” under measures section.

whereas in older sonarqube 5.6.7 the option for “on new code” is not available. Do we need any plugins to be installed or is that a version specific feature. ? please help!

Hi @santothoughts ,
are you really using a SonarQube 5.6.7 right now?
As this version is super old (a long time ago, like back in 2015), I would encourage you to start from scratch your SonarQube server, directly on the latest 8.7 (or last LTS 7.9).
You will benefit from our philosophy of Clean As You Code and then be able to use SQ with the “New code” information.
(Old blogpost on Coverage on New Code: SonarSource Blog)


Hi Carine, Thanks for the response.

we have a plan to upgrade sonar, but not now due to some reason. I agree 5.6 is too old. but since it’s in production and we have to live with it for sometime. Do we have any workaround to use new code feature in 5.6.7 ?

Honestly I don’t know, it’s really too old…

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