New code covearge quality check passed in rerun

I am using SonarQube developer edition- Developer Edition Version 9.3

We have set code covearge - 50 % in quality gate check.
In project setting we have added new code defination-
1.For feature branches new code coverage -added master as reference branch
2. For Master branch new code coverage will calculated based on master branch previous version

you can see in below screenshots.

I executed sonar analysis for feature branch its failed in sonar quality gate stage as 50 % coverage not achived (Its comapared on refernce branch master).

after that I just rerun the sonar analysis for same feature branch with out changing any line in code. this time Quality gate is passed. shown below

I also checked the activity for this branch. below is the screenshot

I observed in activity logs its showing version 2 and version 3 for feature branch-sonar_test_ads

Looks like while rerun the soanr analysis instead of comparing it on reference branch master for covearge its comparing previous version for feature branch-sonar_test_ads

I want to understand if I missed any configuration steps. when we execute sonar analysis for second time(rerun) its should get compare with refernce branch-master

Can any one please help me on this.

Please do not raise duplicate threads.

I will close this one.