Needs to migrate to Node 10


I’m using the version 4 of the sonarqube scanner for azure devops and for a couple of weeks now, every time I use your plugin I have the following warning message :

It seems that your plugin needs to be upgraded to use Node 10.

I don’t see any workaround to this issue.

Could it be possible to update this (very useful) plugin ?

Best regards,


Hi @LvffY sorry for the late reply here.

Version 5 of the tasks are available since few months now, if you are using the yaml editor, just bump all the SonarQube task to @5 instead of @4 (of select 5.* in the dropdown list at the top of each task config box if you’re using the classic editor), you should be good to go !


Hi buddy,
You should use version 5 instead of 4. It should be good for you.