Need to migrate sonarqube database from MS SQL 2014 to postgreSQL


I am currently running sonarqube 6.7.6 (community edition) on a linux host, and using MSSQL 2014 (MSSQL Server 12.0) as database.
I am planning to migrate the database from MSSQL to postgreSQL, which is a free and opensource database.
Please providing me some suggestions on how to do the migration.
Thanks a lot.

I’m facing the same task, even after a long time, do you remember how you solved it?

Thanks a lot

My team also has the same scenario of migrating from MSSQL to postgreSQL and are running on the community edition of Sonarqube, but have not found a solution as of yet. I would hope there is another solution other then switching to the paid version of Sonarqube.