Need source code access for Sonar scanner of C#, Flex


I have found Git repositories of Sonar scanner source code for Java and Python etc languages which helps in adding Rules in the code.

I am unable to find same for other 9 languages ( C#, Flex, Kotlin,Ruby, Scala, Swift, VB.NET).

Please let me know where can i find it

For C# and VB.NET see
You’ll find several other scanners also on Github, including 3rd party


Hey Volker,

Thanks for the reply.
Great help it is.

It would be a great help if you could help me finding with other languages (Flex,Kotlin,Ruby,Scala,Swift).

Thanks in advance

Sai Chaithanya

Hi @sai_chaithanya

maybe not exatly the languages you are interessted in:

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Thanks Volker :slight_smile:

Hi Volker.
You mentioned about third party

can you give me any link or the names of those third parties so that i can contact them regarding this issue.

Hey Volker.

I found source code for scala, kotlin and Ruby from here

Hi @sai_chaithanya_mg

everthing not from SonarSource is 3rd party. E.g. the above mentioned F# and YAML scanners. Several others you’ll also find in the SonarQube marketplace.

If you want to use SonarCloud, there anything not provided by SonarSource can’t be applied directly.

In another thread a 3rd party Powershell plugin was linked

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