Need help to limit specific rules to some modules only in Multi module project


(Sivakiran) #1

I am currently using SonarQube:7.1, with Java plugin:

My requirement is to enable specific rule only on specific set of modules(instead of all modules) of my multi module project.
I found that, we can do this rule exclusion by giving rulekey and path of the files to exclude. But, Here I am looking at module level exclusion for specific rule.

Is it possible? please help me on this.

(Nicolas Bontoux) #2

Hi there,

Nope. Ignore Issues on Multiple Criteria could indeed help, but should mainly be used on specific cases. It’s quite fundamental that the Quality Profile applies consistently to the code analyzed in the project (for all reports and Quality Gates to remain strong indicators, and to avoid end-user confusion).

(Sivakiran) #3

Thanks Nicob for your reply.

yes. Quality profile should be at complete project level. But, Here I am looking for applying specific custom rule/check to specific module.