Need Help for Code Coverage and Unit Testing Report on Sonarqube

Sonarqube Version - Version 6.7.5 (build 38563)

what are you trying to achieve
Project Language - c++
Compiler - clang++
Trying to achieve Coverage and Unit Tesing Report. CodeCoverage is coming as 0 and Unit Testing option along with code coverage is not visible. Please find the attached screenshot (Screenshot1)
Below is the file -

Please find the attached files-
1> sonar_scanner_output => output file of the below command (./third_party/src/sonar-scanner- > sonar_scanner_output)
3> Screenshot1 -> Sonar URL screenshot
4> -> please upzip the file and the file is used with sonar.cfamily.llvm-cov.reportPath
5> testing.xml file used for Unit Testing that is not visiable in UI.

Please help us why the values are not visible in the Screenshot1. I was unable to attach all the documents in single post because I am a new user. I have attached the files below

Please find the attached documents sonar_scanner_output.txt (6.9 KB) (773 Bytes)


please do not cross post, I deleted your other identical thread.
It seems like that you are using an old version of the C/C++ analyzer, you should update the C/C++ analyzer to its latest version 6.3.

Then you should properly configure your analysis. I see that your file has extension .xoo and I don’t see anywhere that you are telling SonarQube about it.

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