C++ unit test and coverage using Sonarqube?

based on lastest version and purchased version for C/C++.

Can I measure for C/C++ coverage using Sonarqube?

I already searched many material but most material is explained about using Jacoco (that is java language)

Please teach me any information for Coverage measure about C/ C++ unit…

Thank you

Hey there.

SonarQube supports several formats for importing coverage data on C/C++ code.


Analysis parameter Description
sonar.cfamily.gcov.reportsPath Path to the directory containing native *.gcov reports (not the XML reports generated by gcovr)
sonar.cfamily.llvm-cov.reportPath Path to a llvm-cov report
sonar.cfamily.vscoveragexml.reportsPath Path may be absolute or relative to the solution directory. Path wildcards (see above) are supported. Note that the .coveragexml report format offered by Visual Studio is not supported.
sonar.cfamily.bullseye.reportPath Path to the report from Bullseye, version >= 8.9.63 (use covxml tool)

Are you already generating code coverage reports today? What tool are you using and what format are they produced in?

Really Really Excellent Reply. Thank you.

It’s just Planning stage. I will install Sonarqube & I will purchase it for C/C++ language.

I don’t have enough information to unit test and coverage concept.
so I am looking for practical information. ( I am QA, I am not skilled for coding. Just reading)

Thank you again.

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