Code coverage (g++, gcov) and SQ Comminity Edition


I am unable to make subj work.

  • using SQ CE, C++ (Community) plugin with C++ test project
  • *.gcov files are created (g++, gcov)
  • sonar.cfamily.gcov.reportsPath is set (absolute path)

But i am still getting 0% coverage. Can’t find anything useful in the output even with verbose debug level. Any help is appreciate!

Hey there.

Any coverage import for C/C++ files in Comunity Edition will also be handled by the C++ (Community) plugin, so it’s best you reach out at their GitHub repository for documentation / support: GitHub - SonarOpenCommunity/sonar-cxx: SonarQube C++ Community plugin (cxx plugin): This plugin adds C++ support to SonarQube with the focus on integration of existing C++ tools.

I see. Thank you!

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