My wish list for advent / chrismas


looking for Sonarqube 8.1, but also…
It’s the time of the year when ‘Last chrismas’ by G. Michael runs Xxx times on the radio :axe:
IMO the ‘Suggest new features’ category is a bit underrated / underused, so i’ve
decided to post my wish list.

  • SonarScanner for Jenkins
    What i’ve learned so far
    there’s no statement about the use of parallel in the official SQ docs
    the Jenkins plugin might consume the wrong payload from Sonarqube webhook
    regularly timeouts with waitForQualitygate() when used with parallel
    => there are threading / timing problems

I wish that get’s fixed ASAP as the Sonarqube analysis may not be the bottleneck of npm builds with
lots of modules - the use of parallel must be possible.

Real men don’t need no unit tests :sunglasses:
Seriously, in fact we have several teams that demand some high class quality gate similar to your
champions league - also for legacy projects. Those guys also don’t tolerate ANY warnings in their Eclipse/IntelliJ… project.
The predecessor of Sonarqube on our side has been AnalytiXCodePro. You won’t even find it online anymore, has been bought up by Google, later proposed as Eclipse project, but died…

BUT their plugin didn’t produce any warnings when using special annotations.
With Sonarlint you get warnings if using @SuppressWarnings('squid:S…)
There must be a way when they did it !?