Must C code with SonarQube be native with a build environment?

I use sonarqube7.7 DeveloperVersion
I had a problem reviewing C code with sonarqube, I looked at the documentation
Now I want to ask if there must be a build environment locally to use sonarqube to review C code?

Is there a way to review code directly instead of getting information during compilation?

Hi @shaolong,

Build is required to analyze the project, build and analysis should be done on the same machine.

Hi @mpaladin
Thank you for your reply。
Now the situation is that our team wants to buy the developer version of the software, and we need to try it to decide whether to buy it. There is no corresponding compiling environment on the computer being tried。
Can you direct me to use a computer without a compiled environment to review the code?
Or our compilation server uses the docker environment to compile the code. Can you guide me to review the code in the docker environment and have the corresponding documents?
I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi @shaolong,

you can use to evaluate the product, it is free for open source projects which means that you can use a public project to evaluate the product, many CIs systems out there are free for open source and they would allow you to run the analysis.

Unfortunately, our project is not open source. Is there no way to review the code in the docker environment?

We can use Java go, but the c , c + + project failed.

Hi @shaolong,

yes, you can build and analyze inside docker. I don’t know your project and I don’t know why it fail the build inside the docker environment, you should know the best as it is your project, please spend some time to master your build environment.

Hi @mpaladin
Yes, can you guide me to install and run sonarqube in the docker environment.
Can you provide the corresponding documents or tutorials.

Hi @shaolong,

documentation is there to guide you, just take the time to read and experience it: