Multiple SonarQube links in Jenkins job

We are using SonarQube dev edition with Jenkins version CloudBees Core Managed Master and SonarScanner

We are scanning a multi-module project, we’re analyzing the project differently so each module is displayed as a single project in the SonarQube dashboard. However on Jenkins each project is generating a link for each module with the same name: “SonarQube”

How can I edit those links to display the module name? Or how can I remove them?


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Hello @ecd,

I guess here you are running several project analysis in the same pipeline, right? Our Jenkins integration is not really designed for this, it works in most cases but we are aware of some limitations about it, and they are not easy to solve.

For your link name issue, this is hardcoded here (and Messages.SonarAction_Sonar() is resolved just as SonarQube), so it won’t be possible to alter this.

As each module is a SonarQube project, would it make sense to have a single job for each? It’s more Jenkins jobs to maintain, but on the other hand it makes analysis results more easily actionable: I guess you do not check the Quality Gate status as it’s not really possible when you have several analysis in a job, but if you had only one that would be doable and could fail the job if the QG is red for example.