Jenkins build to point to same sonar build analysis page

I am using SonarQube-version - * Version 7.8 (build 26217) .
I am trying to achieve : Jenkins job link for Sonar to point to “code / issues” for that particular build (As of now, points to sonar project overview page for latest run build).
I want that the jenkins job link points to overview page of that particular build in sonarqube. Is this possible ?

Hello @Pooja,

What you ask is not possible. We produce a project overview page only for the latest analysis of a given project, and we have good reasons for that.
What is it that you want to achieve with your need ? Why would someone look at the overview of a project past build ?

What I am stating above is that there are no out of the box page corresponding to each build.
But if you really wish (I would challenge the need though) you can use the APIs to extract SonarQube metrics for any single build you want (provided that this build “exists” in SonarQube: There’s some internal logic to purge builds in SonarQube (to avoid the DB to grow too quickly), builds may “fail” on the SonarQube side (failed background tasks…) or be deleted manually by SonarQube users