Multiple Sonar Projects in One Azure Dev Ops PR Build

I have an Azure Dev Ops (ADO) repo that contains both an Angular app and a .NET API app. I have a single PR build pipeline in ADO where I’m building both apps. Each app has it’s own Sonar project. What I’m seeing with the ADO PR integration is that comments are sometimes added to the PR and then subsequently removed. I think it’s happening because one of the apps (either the Angular or .NET app) finished it’s Sonar scan and adds comments and then the other app finishes and removes them. Is it possible to support 2 Sonar projects like this in the same PR build in ADO that can both add/remove their own comments from the PR? Or do I need to put them together into a single Sonar project?

Hey there.

I think you’re looking for monorepo support.

When I try to do this it’s telling me that my repo has no projects in SonarCloud


What do I need to do to associate my existing projects with the repo?

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You cannot associate an existing (unbound) project to a repository (which is required to form the monorepo) – in order to create a monorepo you will need to start with adding a new project.