Can we include the SonarCloud project in the GitHub PR Conversation comment?


  • ALM used : GitHub
  • CI system used : Azure DevOps


  • single git repository which contains two separate codebases (sharing a repo due to shared code and nature of app)
  • two separate SonarCloud projects
  • each GitHub PR triggers one run of the single CI job for that git repo which runs analysis against each of the two codebases and their respective SonarCloud project
  • each GitHub PR is then decorated with one comment for each of the two SonarCloud projects i.e. two separate comments


  • neither comment actually references the SonarCloud project name, so we can’t see which it refers to


  • is there a way to customise the SonarCloud GitHub PR decoration such that it mentions the SonarCloud name; and if not, if there somewhere I can request this feature?



Any idea @Martin_Bednorz or @Fabrice_Bellingard ?

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Hello Ross and welcome to the community!

We are already working on improving the experience for mono repositories on GitHub projects. Improved support for Azure DevOps was announced today and something similar is in the works for GitHub. Making it more clear to which project a summary comment belongs to (for mono repositories) is also part of this.


Fabulous. Thank you both :blush:

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