Multiple Sonar instances one database

Is it possible to have multiple Sonar instances populating the same database,
and how must be its configuration.

Short answer: No.
Long answer: While the same database server can be used, you need multiple SonarQube databases.
Question: What’s the use-case for having multiple SonarQube instances, especially if they are populating the same database? Most users aim to consolidate instances.

Sorry for late answer and thank you for your reply.
Any notification did not reach me.
We have multiple projects. I want to analyse multiple projects at same time with multiple Sonar instances.
I have no idea that how results of these projects can populate same database.

Thank you in advance.

You’ll need multiple databases – but is the overhead of multiple sonarqube instances worth parallel processing of projects? By the way, parallel processing is available in our Enterprise Edition ($)


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Hi Colin,

I read some threads, I found the one I’m looking for the solution.

Is sonarqube(any edition) support for parallel back ground analysis?

Hi @venkat255,

I’ve already answered this question in your dedicated thread.