Multi Factor Authentication for Datacenter Edition

  • Version: SonarQube 9.2
  • We are trying to implement DUO MFA support for login
  • We are in the research stage.

We wonder if SonarQube On-Premise version supports MFA or 2FA especially via DUO (

Hey there.

If you are delegating authentication to another provider (LDAP, SAML, GitHub, etc.), you should check to see if those authentication provides handle MFA/2FA – that is the layer it would be handled at (not by SonarQube itself).

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Hi Colin,

Thanks for the reply, we already have LDAP authentication but MFA needs another step on application end. Here is an example for another system (JIRA),

I’ve checked if such a plugin exists but I could not find.

I can understand that if we use GitHub or Azure, we can have that feature.

Can you or someone else make it clear? Or should I create a support request for further investigation?

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Hey again.

  • I have seen one company (through our commercial support offering) manage to do LDAP + MFA without any additional configuration on the SonarQube side. I don’t believe Duo was being used. But theoretically, it is possible.
  • There’s no specific integration to share regarding SonarQube + Duo (or any other MFA service)
  • If you have professional support from SonarSource or Duo, I would definitely encourage raising a ticket.