2fa in sonarqube

Hi, is there any way to add 2fa (two factor authentication) to sonarqube ?

Welcome to the community! There is no native 2fa support. But you can use an external identity providers that does (GitHub, GitLab, etc.)

Currently I’m using Atlassian Crowd for managing users.
I have it with SSO with the other Atlassian tools

So really I would need 2FA but also integration with Crowd.
I know there is this plugin for integration with Crowd

but I’m not sure if it also supports the SSO part with the other Atlassian tools.

Well, if the SonarQube authentication is delegated to another system, that this other system that fully handles every aspect of the authentication, 2fa included.

I see that you asked the SSO question in an issue on the plugin GH repo. Let’s see if the maintainer is active and answer you :slight_smile:

HI Pierre, is 2FA somewhere on a roadmap for Enterprise edition or as you mentioned it is only possible via login with Github ? Thanks!

Hi Pierre,
Can you elaborate more on “external identity”? Our current setup is we’re using Sonarqube and Bitbucket with Jira, we want to implement 2FA for Sonarqube and Bitbucket. Please advise on how we can achieve this.
Thanks in advance!

Hi Sebastian,
Were you able to implement 2FA with your current setup?