MULESOFT plugin for SoanrQube

I am using SonsarQube 7.9.1 version and running on java 8
While running the scan it throw plugin (mulesoft) does not support java 1.8

Hello @keshav,

Thanks for reaching out. Well… sorry to say but the mulesoft plugin is neither developed not supported by SonarSource, so you’ll have to post your problem in the Mulesoft plugin issue tracker. There are a handful of them so I cannot even point you at the right one (check the one you use).

That said, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to think about upgrading your Java (to Java 11, the current LTS). The whole SonarSource ecosystem (SonarQube server and Scanner, as well as SonarLint) is compatible and recommended to run with Java 11. So you are buying yourself some technical debt to connetinue running the scanner with Java 8, which we only “tolerate” for now, but we’ll forbid soon (enforcing Java 11).