MSVC C++, show all warnings of a project in one list

I have a very general question about SonarLint working with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 C++ 16.11 (MSVC). I have a project in the solution. The project has 10-15 files. I installed SonarLint and activated Code Analysis by build in MSVC. It works as expected, I get some 5 warnings from the MSVC own Static Code Analysis (SCA) tool and if I open successive the 10-15 files the Error-List is augmented with new SCA warnings coming from the SonarLint. This is good, because I can see and think about the warnings separately for each file alone. But I would like to see all the warnings together, in one list for the whole project, to see how many warnings are and their kind. Please tell me how can I turn on the property to see all the warning of the whole project. Of course I will turn it immediately off, after getting the aforementioned information, because the modus per file is excellent to reason about the grouped warnings. Thank you very much for your help in advance.

@Florin in SonarLint for Visual Studio, C/C++ files are analysed when they are opened or saved.

There isn’t a way to analyse all files in the IDE; you would have to use SonarQube/SonarCloud for that.

Thank you very much.

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