Move to Java 11 (SonarScanner for Gradle)

See also the issue: Analyzing Java8 code with JDK11 - deprecations which we face when we tried migration to JDK11 for analyzing

Gradle needs to be upgraded to 5.0 to support java11. We are using lombok as an annotation processor for all our projects and older versions of lombok is broken for java11. If lombok is upgraded to newer version then lot of code files need to be changed.
lombok changelog :
gradle support:

Thanks for your answer. In my case I had to skip those tasks:

./gradlew module:sonarqube \
-x kaptDevDebugKotlin \
-x compileDevDebugJavaWithJavac \
-x kaptDevDebugAndroidTestKotlin \
-x compileDevDebugAndroidTestKotlin \
-x compileDevDebugAndroidTestJavaWithJavac \
-x compileDevDebugUnitTestKotlin \
-x compileDevDebugUnitTestJavaWithJavac

It would be nice to have a better way to set up it.

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I moved this Scanner for Gradle topic to another one (to not mix with the previous one).

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Hi @mickaelcaro, I had no questions related to SonarScanner for Gradle :slight_smile: Maybe it was a tricky place to split the original discussion.