Missing SAML settings for AD following Microsoft documentation

I’m following this tutorial to integrate Azure AD and SonarQube login.

In this section it says that I need to configure some settings (named mo.saml.idp_issuer, mo.saml.login_url and mo.saml.idp_x509) but as I can’t find them, I just skipped this section and it seems to work properly, but I’m intrigued by this settings, where do they come from? I can’t find anything googling for them.

The only issue I’ve had setting it up was establishing sonar.core.serverBaseURL as the default was pointing to localhost:9000, but apart from that the Login with SAML button works flawlessly.



That article has a recent date, but I think it’s an update or rewrite of an earlier article. One thing that tips me off to that is the reference to a ‘SAML Plugin’. SAML has been out-of-the-box for quite a while now.

If I look at the configurations in a current version (Administration → Configuration → Security), SAML is the first section, and I see this as the last input in the section:

So probably all the relevant stuff is still there, just renamed and thus (automatically) reordered.

Yes, that’s the default. I get the impression we could have been pushier about that fact? If so, what would you recommend?

Woo hoo! :tada: It’s not often people say nice things about SAML integration, so this is really nice to see!