Missing null pointer related rule

Hi Everyone,

We recently upgraded sonarQube v8.9.6LTS to 9.9LTS.

We are using the SonarQube Community Version 9.9.1 (build 69595) and We see that the below new code is not reporting the possibility of a NullPointer because null check hasn’t happened on objA or objA.member1.

if ( objA.member1.getValue().equals(“X”) ) {


How Can I understand if there have been changes to the active rules configured for a specific sonarQube version so that I can deepdive and understand why this is happening?


Welcome to the community!

If you’re asking how you can see changes to the Quality Profile, there’s a changelog you can get to from the profile’s page, E.G.. If you’re asking about changes to the rules themselves, that’s far less straightforward, but it’s available in Jira.