Missing informations on Sonarqube API

I’m trying to retrieve some metric numbers using Sonarqube 7.7.

I analyzed code from a version 3 months ago and another version 2 months ago.

I can’t get the number of new violations introduced in these two versions.

Can anyone tell me why?

I’m using these end point



Welcome to the community!

Are you looking for historical values for “New Issues”, “New Bugs” &etc? Sorry but we don’t store those. “New” values are all in the moment.


And what kind of values the tool stores in theses endpoints ?


I should have been more precise. With each new analysis we calculate and store both new and overall metrics. It’s just that we don’t keep a historical record of yesterday’s “new” values.

Hoping this makes sense,

Thank you for your answer, helped me a lot. I was trying to retrieve these data for days.