How to get the information of new issue(bugs, code smells, SmellsVulnerabilities) of history scan

There are about ten teams using my sonarqube server.

We only focus on new issues which is based on a designated build. all new issues shall be resolved before releasing a build. however, not all the teams can achived this.

My manager ask me to give a report about how many new issues are not resolved in each history build.

In activity page, I can get the data of issues(bugs, code smells, SmellsVulnerabilities), coverage, duplicatons and custom metrics, but there is not way to get the data of new issues(bugs, code smells, SmellsVulnerabilities).

How can i get the data? If there is not way, I have to capture a picture of overview page after a build and scan is finished and then I save the picture as history :frowning:


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Sorry, but we don’t keep historical values of “New” metrics. I’m afraid you’re not going to be able to produce this retroactively.