Minor cosmetics/UI/UX issues on SonarQube Jenkins plugin


Just opening this thread to track some cosmetics/UI/UX issues on the Jenkins SonarQube plugin (GitHub - SonarSource/sonar-scanner-jenkins: SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins)

I’m posting here because I think it will have more chance to be fixed internally rather than on https://issues.jenkins.io/

There might be more but at least 2 that are particularly annoying for me

Tooltip of the badge is outdated. See the difference bellow compared to other badges


See also the Jenkins design library for Jenkins UI component: Tooltips [Jenkins]

Ref for the jelly view : sonar-scanner-jenkins/src/main/resources/hudson/plugins/sonar/action/SonarBuildBadgeAction/badge.jelly at master · SonarSource/sonar-scanner-jenkins · GitHub

Server Side processing text is unreadable in dark mode (Dark Theme). Dark mode is now widely supported and installed and 20% of known controller.


Also in my opinion the link “passed” and “success” could be modernized (I’m not UX designer but the color also doesn’t match Colors [Jenkins]. Probably Symbol can also be used instead of giving a color to a

tag Symbols [Jenkins]

Ref for CSS and jelly view