Migration from Sonarqube 6.3 to 7.8 - Analysis are failing

I recently migrated my SonarQube instance from 6.3 to 7.8.

After that, All my analysis are failing. When I digged deep, Found out the following issue.

In the Administration > General Settings > New Code Period, the following values are no longer working - previous_version, previous_analysis.

I am getting the following error -

Invalid new code period. ‘previous_analysis’ is not one of: integer > 0, date before current analysis j, “previous_version”, or version string that exists in the project’
Please contact a project administrator to correct this setting

previous_analysis as a leak period setting was dropped in v6.7



But in the description, it still shows default value as ‘previous_analysis’. Check the screenshot for evidence.

That’s at the project-level, you probably have it defined at the global administration level (in which case it becomes the default for the instance). Take a peek in your global Administration tab.

Sure thanks! … Got it. The topic can be closed. :slight_smile: