Merging "Resolve as" comments from one SonarQube to an other

One of our programmers has made a lot of comments in his own local database and we like to merge this comments in our central SonarQube database.

Is it possible to move the “Resolve as …” comments (for one individual project) from the out-of-the-box standalone SonarQube database to an other instance of SonarQube with an Oracle database.

Is this possible?



The Issue Resolver plugin might help with this, although it has some age on it at this point and I have no idea whether or not it works with current versions.


Hi Ann, Thanks for this tip! I’ll take a look at this plugin!

Unfortunately this plugin doesn’t work with SonarQube 7.7. It seems the developer stopped working on this project (more than 2 years ago). I left a note at this project. You never know!
For your information.


Thanks for the update. I’ve adjusted its compatibility in the Marketplace.

Your other option is to script this yourself. Assuming the code/analysis is up to date on both sides of the equation, you can probably assume that an issue matches from instance to instance if they have matching

And then your script would copy over status and comments.

Good luck!