Measures tab Overall Coverage View as List omits a whole subdirectory but Code tab shows it ok

I am using SonarQube SonarQube v7.9.1 (Bulid 27448) Enterprise edition and Sonar Scanner v3.0.3.778

There is a bug in the Measures tab when looking at Overall code coverage and View as List.

What I did was this:
In the Measures tab I twisted open the Coverage twistie
and under there selected Overall → Coverage
Then I select View as: List and scrolled down to show more so all files are listed.
I searched this list with CTRL-F in my browser and noticed that it was missing a whole subdirectory!

I was drilling down into my library subdirectories one by one when I noticed that one subdirectory was completely missing. (Note: I had scrolled down and told it to show all files.)

At first I assumed there was no gcov coverage for this library, but there was. The gcov file exists and had counts in it and gcov reported line coverage, and the Sonar scanner said it parsed the gcov files in this library. I spent ages investigating this.

By fluke I went to the Code tab and under my libs directory ALL the subdirectories were there and lo and behold, this library subdirectory was present and a coverage percentage was reported!

Is this bug fixed now in later versions of SonarQube?

Hello @willb
thanks for this question.
SonarQube 8.9 LTS has been released in May, you should not stay on the 2019 version any longer. Any bug that you find there is most likely to have been fixed since then.
Two examples of the many improvements and bugfixes applied available since the 7.9.1 release:

Your next steps entry point is therefore here I believe: SonarQube 8.9 LTS: 3 steps to a smooth upgrade

Best regards