Coverage measure missing after upgrading SonarQube from 7.9.1 LTS to 8.9.9 LTS

Upgrade from SQ 7.9.1 LTS to 8.9.9 LTS

Post upgrade, we no longer have coverage measures.

Here is a snip from a scan running 7.9.1:
INFO: Sensor SonarJS Coverage [javascript]
INFO: 181/181 source files have been analyzed
INFO: Analysing [/home/****/jenkins/workspace/********/dist/build/rpmbuild/coverage/]

When I look at the output from a 8.9.9 scan, I dont see this information.

Any advice on where I can start looking to debug this problem?

Hey there.

Do you find any information about coverage import in the logs?

Hi Colin

The scan output can be found in the post below. I am wondering if the coverage is missing due to JavaScript not getting scanned.

I have multiple projects that contain both JS and CSS language that are now missing coverage measures.

That’s going to be the root of the issue – the coverage sensor won’t run if no relevant files are found. I suggest focusing on that thread.