Measures of branch is always empty

we are using Sonarqube Deleloper Edition in version 8.9.6.
We use this tool in our CI/CD for differents language (Java, Python).
For example, for a project Python.
I have a reference branch “Dev”, and a new branch.
If i run “sonnar-scanner” on the new branch, this branch is displayed on the list for the project.
On the overview tab, i have the status of this branch, and the coverage of new code for this new branch. By example 63%.
But if i click to see the detail of this covegage, i am redirected to “measures” tab, but it’s always empty.
So it’s very difficult to see where i need to improve my test.

I have the same problem with other language Java.
Do you have an idea?

Reading old posts, i have found the solution.
Using a reverse proxy, i have been limited by header buffers.
I have configured my vhost with the following options “large_client_header_buffers 4 16k”, and now it’s works fine.

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