"Marketplace - SonarSource Editions" does no resolve

SonarQube LTS 8.9.0 LTS CE

Installed Sonarqube 8.9 LTS on-prem, internal. This was an upgrade from 7.9.6 LTS CE
Marketplace page does not resolve “Marketplace - SonarSource Editions” properly.
After a brief delay, it shows: “The request cannot be processed. Try again later.”

The list of third-party plugins resolves fine and are downloadable/installable.

See below.

Hi @ianw ,

Is this problem still showing? I’m guessing there’s some outbound network monitoring going on, that might be blocking this request. If you have access to any reverse proxy logs, you might be able to see the requests being blocked, and whitelist them.


There is no reverse proxy, but there is a corporate proxy to get to out the real world.

Something appears to have changed,but not sure what. We no longer have a 7.9.6 instance to compare against (but that worked previously in any case).

We can now see the content within Chrome, Firefox and Edge, but it is not working within IE11 (Being a large Enterprise, it remains “the Corporate standard browser” …).

I also noticed the documentation page throws the same error. Seems it’s the same .js module throwing the error. I have attached logs for both.

SCRIPT1028: Expected identifier, string or number
7.1619792615098.chunk.js (1,2392)
ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk 7 failed.
(missing: http://sonarqube:9000/js/7.1619792615098.chunk.js)
      [functions]: ,
      __proto__: { },
      description: "",
      message: "Loading chunk 7 failed.
(missing: http://sonarqube:9000/js/7.1619792615098.chunk.js)",
      name: "ChunkLoadError",
      number: 0,
      request: "http://sonarqube:9000/js/7.1619792615098.chunk.js",
      stack: "ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk 7 failed.
(missing: http://sonarqube:9000/js/7.1619792615098.chunk.js)
   at vl (http://sonarqube:9000/js/vendors-app.1619792615098.chunk.js:21:104945)
   at su (http://sonarqube:9000/js/vendors-app.1619792615098.chunk.js:21:96689)
   at lu (http://sonarqube:9000/js/vendors-app.1619792615098.chunk.js:21:96617)
   at Jl (http://sonarqube:9000/js/vendors-app.1619792615098.chunk.js:21:93701)
   at Anonymous function (http://sonarqube:9000/js/vendors-app.1619792615098.chunk.js:21:45361)
   at t.unstable_runWithPriority (http://sonarqube:9000/js/vendors-app.1619792615098.chunk.js:29:3837)
   at Ho (http://sonarqube:9000/js/vendors-app.1619792615098.chunk.js:21:45057)
   at Ko (http://sonarqube:9000/js/vendors-app.1619792615098.chunk.js:21:45308)
   at F (http://sonarqube:9000/js/vendors-app.1619792615098.chunk.js:29:2777)
   at k.port1.onmessage (",
      Symbol()_6.ag41rdbuuqr: undefined,
      Symbol(observable)_x.ag41rdbuux9: undefined,
      Symbol(react.async_mode)_w.ag41rdbuux9: undefined,
      Symbol(react.block)_v.ag41rdbuuka: undefined,
      Symbol(react.concurrent_mode)_t.ag41rdbuuka: undefined,
      Symbol(react.context)_o.ag41rdbuuka: undefined,
      Symbol(react.element)_i.ag41rdbuuka: undefined,
      Symbol(react.forward_ref)_p.ag41rdbuuka: undefined,
      Symbol(react.fragment)_k.ag41rdbuuka: undefined,
      Symbol(react.fundamental)_y.ag41rdbuux9: undefined,
      Symbol(react.lazy)_s.ag41rdbuuka: undefined,
      Symbol(react.memo)_r.ag41rdbuuka: undefined,
      Symbol(react.portal)_j.ag41rdbuuka: undefined,
      Symbol(react.profiler)_m.ag41rdbuuka: undefined,
      Symbol(react.provider)_n.ag41rdbuuka: undefined,
      Symbol(react.responder)_z.ag41rdbuux9: undefined,
      Symbol(react.scope)_10.ag41rdbuux: undefined,
      Symbol(react.strict_mode)_l.ag41rdbuuka: undefined,
      Symbol(react.suspense)_q.ag41rdbuuka: undefined,
      Symbol(react.suspense_list)_u.ag41rdbuuka: undefined,
      type: "missing"

sonarqube-err-admin-marketplace.txt (7.3 KB)
sonarqube-err-admin-marketplace.txt (7.3 KB)


Any updates to this issue? We are seeing the same issue when trying to access /documentation from the Administration | Marketplace page:


Plugins available in the Marketplace are not provided or supported by SonarSource. Please reach out directly to their maintainers for support.

Installing a plugin is a manual operation. Please refer to the documentation.

Hi @ianw ,

Do you still have this issue? Please note that starting with 9.0, we no longer support IE11.


The problem still occurs (8.9.9). I suppose if not one addresses an issue for long enough, it can no longer become relevant.
Note too, there is a significant delay between the time the rest of the page is displayed.

Note: A similar error is also displayed when attempting to open the ${SQ_URL}/documentation link:

Nevertheless, it seems very odd that the specific content is failing to load, albeit only on a specific browser.

You can choose to dismiss it as “Only occurs on a no longer supported browser”, but that does not mean there’s no issue.
Who knows if there’s something weird in that code that is going to come back and bite you later.

You are correct; that being said, the main issue we always had with IE11 is that we write our application using a more modern JS syntax, and for this to work for IE11, we had to include polyfills and configure transpilation. Sometimes, this configuration wasn’t perfect, or we included a third-party library that required some extra polyfill that we didn’t notice at first. This could then break IE11 for very specific pages. Usually, we would fix this quickly and release a patch version.

However, since we dropped support for IE11 with the 9.x cycle, I don’t recall a single bug report where the UI crashes due to an unsupported syntax. So I don’t think we have anything that will come back to bite us.

I’m sorry this affects you (and likely some other people), but considering:

  • IE11 has reached EOL
  • Your report concerns 2 parts that have a low functional impact (we’re not loading Marketing data correctly, which I think you can live without :slightly_smiling_face: ; and the embedded documentation is broken, but we have an online version with the exact same content)

I acknowledge that we do have a bug, but we will not fix it.