Marketplace data repo now public; PR required for new releases

Hi all,

We’ve just made public the GH repository that holds the data files that feed the Marketplace and the Plugin Version Matrix. Along with that, I’ve updated the Deploying to the Marketplace page to add a requirement that your request to publish a new release include a link to a PR on this repo with the necessary changes to the data file for your plugin.

I’ve moved our previously-private notes and instructions on how to fill in these files to the Deploying… page as well, and hopefully made them clear. I’m sure you’ll tell me if they’re not. If you’ve already got a plugin in the Marketplace, you can start reading here

In asking you to submit a PR on this repo as part of your New Release announcement, I’m asking you to help me distribute the work I’ve been doing each time I added one of your releases to the Marketplace. Once you understand how the files work, you should find this pretty straightforward.

Respond in this thread, please if you have questions, comments, &etc.