Markdown syntax?

In the “Rule Details” section of Rules | SonarQube Docs there is a subsection about extending the description, but nothing about the markdown format. If there is a page on that, putting a link to that page in this section would be useful.


I’m not sure I would have even said off hand that markdown could be used in the extended description. If it can, it will be our own quirky take on it and probably the same as what’s available for issue comments. There is, BTW, help on that embedded in your instance: http://[your SQ URL]/formatting/help.


Thanks. Yeah, the web_api endpoint rules/update has an optional parameter markdown_note (also markdown_description but that’s only for custom rules). There’s no equivalent for the HTML so I guess the idea is you use the markdown format and let SQ convert it into HTML, since the markdown format is presumably more limited.

To answer my own question: I did discover that on the web portal, if you click on Extend Description at the bottom of a rule description, then the edit field includes a “Markdown Help” link that gives a popup with all the info I needed. (But a reference on the web_api pages would be nice.)

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Thank for the report @MisterPi, I created this ticket to improve the web API documentation.

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