Make Quality Gates configurable on project level


(Christina Gäßlein) #1

Hi SonarSourcers,

my team provides some central SonarQube instances which are to be shared by multiple projects. As part of our agile journey we want our teams to be able to set own quality goals and therefore they will need project specific Quality Gates.

As far as I am aware the only way to allow project administrators to configure Quality Gates is to give them the global “Administer Quality Gate” permission. This would mean that they are able to edit Quality Gates which are out of their scope too, so that wouldn’t work for us. Also we don’t want to set up and regularly update projectspecific Quality Gates for our users.

Personally I think making the configuration of Quality Gates available on project level would be a great way to empower feature teams to autonomously set and reach their defined quality goals.

Any feedback on how to get there is appreciated

BR Christina