Make Eclipse underline issues without first saving?

Using Red Hat CodeReady Studio 12.13.0.GA (Eclipse-based IDE) with Sonarlint My Eclipse workspace is bound to a specific project key in SQ, and issues are underlined as expected – including those for rules activated just for that project’s quality profile, such as an indentation rule.

So far so good. But when I type some new code that violates a rule, the offending code isn’t underlined until I save the file. Even right-click → Sonarlint → Analyze doesn’t do it.

(Well, there is one exception. Like I said, I activated an indentation rule for this project. If there is already a line with incorrect indentation, which is underlined, and I start a new line right below that underlined line, the new line will be underlined immediate; no saving required. However, only the indentation rule is marked. If I do something else wrong in that line, the other rule won’t be marked.)

So, is this a limitation of SonarLint? Or do I just need to set a preference somewhere to make SonarLint REALLY be “on the fly”?

Hi @MisterPi ,

This is a current limitation of SonarLint for Eclipse. We have a ticket to track this, but it is of lower priority for us: