Lost while creating a SonarQube plugin for an entirely new language

Hi everyone,

I’m currently looking to create a new SonarQube plugin for source code written in a very uncommon language : CELLman. I have unfortunately never used SonarQube before, and starting is a bit hard.

I figured SSLR was probably my starting point. I wrote a Lexer (which are pretty much all the keywords and symbols if I got it right) and I might be wrong but I think the parser from the minic example might work here.

I have so many questions … :

  • What does SSLR do exactly ?
  • How does it get “integrated” into SonarQube ?
  • Is there any documentation as to how to write a grammar ?

I’m sorry that I have so many questions but I’m very eager to learn about this, developing a new plugin is an exciting experience and I’m willing to make it through.

Thank you very much everyone, have a nice day.

Hi Remi, I want to do this kind of project too, but about another programming lenguage is called scripting of BASE24-eps. Do you have information about this topic? Do you help me? I have the same doubts that you had when you wrote this post.