Lost access to our project

We used to have an account to our project but it has been taken away overnight. No changes are made from our side. Please restore.


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It’s not clear to me what you mean here. Could you elaborate, please?


There’s not much to elaborate.

We had a project under: SonarCloud
It was accessible for 1 month and then suddenly went to 404. I’d like to know what happened.


Thanks. Even that little bit helps. At a guess, someone on the team deleted it. But I’ve flagged this for the attention of people with access to logs.


Thank you. If that’s possible we’d like it restored.

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Any update on this?

Hi @pjenei , i will investigate your issue, but first, I need you to answer one question: when this project was analyzed for the last time? You don’t need to tell me precisely, but I need to know if this project was active or inactive, so just the month it was analyzed for the last time that you remember would be fine.

I think a couple of weeks ago it still was fine.

never mind, we managed to access it via SonarCloud

The link I provided at first is still dysfunctional but I don’t care, this one works.

thanks, you can close this ticket.