Looking for documentation on portfolio and application dasboards

Using: * Enterprise Edition, * Version 8.3.1 (build 34397)

I am looking for documentation that explains portfolio and application dashboard contents. Here are some questions that I could not find answered or documented, but maybe I am just missing it:

  • For an application, why are no ratings (i.e. A, B, C reliability, security, etc.) listed in the overview slide for new code, but they are visible on the overall code tab? This is true even if the application contains one project that does provide ratings on the project’s new code tab.
  • Portolios summarize differently than the applications they contain. An application may have “E” ratings for example, but the portfolio that contains may show this as “C”. BTW, I see this answered in a community post, but would much rather read more details in documentation.
  • Are portfolio dashboards based upon new code or overall code for the portfolios, applications, and projects they contain?

I have more questions, but I hope that if you help me find the documentation it will answer those as well.



There’s documentation about the Portfolio home page that discusses how portfolio ratings are calculated. You’re not going to find documentation contrasting Application ratings versus Portfolio ratings. Applications are synthetic Projects. They use the same rating calculations.

Overall. And this is an interesting question. Unfortunately in this portmanteau post it won’t get the attention it deserves. I invite you to start a new thread for it (altho I can’t promise satisfaction).

This is another good question and I really need you to post it in a different thread, please (because I suspect a bug).


Thanks @ganncamp for the support. I will post the applications ratings topic I mentioned above in a different thread.