Apis to fetch metrics for **new code** at portfolio level

We are using SonarQube 7.9.2 LTS version

We are looking for web-apis to fetch below metrics for new code at portfolio level. Is there any api available for this?

  • new_reliability_rating
  • new_security_rating
  • new_sqale_rating
  • new_code_smells
  • new_duplicated_lines_density

I explored https://mysonar/api/measures/component?component=myportfolio&metricKeys=new_security_rating but this is working only at project level and returns empty string for portfolio.


Sorry, but we don’t aggregate ‘on New Code’ values for Portfolios.

Feel free to re-categorize this thread to ‘Suggest new features’.


Thanks for the update Ann. We will re-categorize this thread as suggested.