Long living branches pattern: not working on sonarcloud


(Cleme Ntino) #1


Please refer to Pic1 and Pic2 attached.
We use BitBucket Cloud and Sonar Cloud.

I’ve Long living branches pattern as (master|branch|release|aby-develop|tpg-develop|xwt-develop)-.* however SonarCloud doesnt pick-up all the Long Living branches defined.
It just picks one and that too shows under Short-lived Branches ( Reference Pic 1 ).
Secondly all PR’s and short-lived branches have randomn numbers and not the names ( Reference Pic 2 )


(Duarte Meneses) #2


I only see one picture attached.

For tpg-develop to match, you should change the pattern to (master|branch|release|aby-develop|tpg-develop|xwt-develop)*. (see the end of it).
About the names not being picked up, do you have any logs of the analysis?