LOC Threshold Global Administrator notification is not sent when threshold is exceeded

  • versions used: SonarQube Enterprise Edition, v.8.5.1

  • error observed:

    • Notification is not emailed when Lines of Code exceeds the threshold set in the Administration > Configuration → License Manager screen
  • steps to reproduce

    Current license is for 10mil loc. Current usage in ~7mil loc

    1. Set the LoC Threshold to 5.5 mil loc
    2. Wait 24 hrs - no email notification
    3. Restart SonarQube - no email notification
  • potential workaround

    • Scrape the GET api/editions/show_license (internal since 7.2) web API for the values and create custom alert
  • Addition configuration testing results

    • Test e-mails sent using the Send Test Email cmd button in the Test Configuration area of the Administration>Configuration>General Settings>General page are received immediately.
      The e-mail address is the same address used for the LoC Threshold notification. This test confirms that the e-mail is configured correctly and working as expected.