LOC in Developer and Enterprise Editions


We are checking the Developer and Enterprise Editions:

And we have a doubt.

Looking for the compute of LOC, we are wondering if they are the maximum accepted LOC in each project of an instance or the total LOC analyzed.ç

We have three projects, project 1 has 1000 LOC, project 2 has 1500 LOC and project 3 has 750 LOC. The total amount accepted is 3250 LOC or for each project the number of analyzed LOC is increased for each analysis (if we did 2 analysis of P1, 1 of P2 and 3 of P3 the total amount is 2*1000+1500+3*750=5750 LOC)?


I don’t really understand the question, so I’ll respond with an example of my own:


  • main: LOC 1000
  • branch1: LOC 980
  • branch2: LOC 1200 - this is the one that counts


  • main: LOC 1500 - this is the one that counts
  • branch1: LOC 1482


  • main: LOC 750
  • branch1: LOC 1245 - this is the one that counts

Total license LOC: 1200+1500+1245 = 3945


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So I we do 20 analysis of Project1, does it not sum 20*1200 LOC?


No. Not at all. Only the LOC from the most recent analysis is considered. So Project1 is only 1200 LOC no matter how many times you analyze it.

You can’t “use up” your license by reanalyzing the same project. We want you to get the benefit by analyzing often, ideally at every commit. We wouldn’t incent you to analyze infrequently.


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