LOC counting on project overview and project dashboard

Hi all,

we have a DE running and purchased the 2M LOC license.
LicenseManager show about 1.8 M LOCs and your sales team stated,

The LOCs used for a project are the LOCs found during the most recent analysis of this project.

By looking at the project overview (https://sonar.our-intra.net/projects) or the projects dashboard and summing up all displayed LOC numbers I come to the result of 1.5 M LOC.
So this overview/dashboard does not shot the LOC of the most recent analysis.

What is used here?
Maybe the LOC of the main branch?

Kind regards


For each project the LOC count of the largest branch is included in the License total. That may or may not be the count that you see in the projects page. I know this is less than transparent for you, the user. There have been some internal discussions about addressing this, but nothing definitive yet.