LOC Exceeded on Sonar Cloud

Currently, we have analyzed 238,403 lines of private code across four projects on SonarCloud (We’re on 250k plan). However, when I attempt to run a Sonar analysis on one of the main branches of the 4 projects, I encounter an error message from Sonar, stating, ‘The number of lines exceeds your organization plan.’

I am finding it difficult to understand why this message appears when trying to analyze one of the four projects that collectively account for the 238,403 lines of private code.

Can someone help me with this, please ?

Edit: Let me know if you’d need any other information.

Hey @Ashish_Budhathoki

What language(s) are you analyzing primarily in the project that is pushing you over the limit?

Our projects consist of Kotlin, Swift, and XML. I’m receiving a warning when I try to analyze a project with Kotlin and XML.

Thanks. None of these analyzers have changed in the last few months (certainly not the last few days or weeks).

Typically, this means something has changed with the files that are a part of your project. Something is included that wasn’t before (or an exclusion was removed).

You can see exactly what files are being analyzed if you turn on DEBUG logging and look at the scanner logs. This would also point to any languages you didn’t think were a part of the analysis.

It’s even better if you are able to compare previous logs from an analysis – although you probably don’t have DEBUG loggin turned on, you can still the languages and number of files indexed.