Link to download the latest version of sonar scanner

Hi all

In a CI/CD pipeline, we create a Docker image. To run sonar scans automatically, we include the sonar scanner in our image.
So there’s a few instructions in the Dockerfile…

    && wget "${SONAR_SCANNER_VERSION}" \
    && unzip sonar-scanner-cli-${SONAR_SCANNER_VERSION} \

Having the exact patch number for the scanner is a “no go”. I would like to always download “the latest” version of sonar scanner.
I can look at the folder at Index of /Distribution/sonar-scanner-cli, but there is no “latest” link or similar to always get the latest version.

Can a latest link be added to this directory listing?
If not, is it available somewhere else ?



I’ve moved this to the ‘New Features’ category since it’s not currently available.